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January 2023 - Wednesday Wound Club - Episode 5

Now available to view in the VWL member area! Meet Joanne and Chloe the cat. This is a fantastic example of creativity and biomechanical engineering in action. AND it works!

December 2021 - Hope and Glory

December brings a celebration of some of the cases we've helped over the years and the techniques that have been used to help them. While we can't guarantee a great outcome each time. We do everything we can to help you get the best possible outcome with the resources available. We'll also be awarding our...

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October 2021 - Exploring Oxygen & Wound Healing

We'll be looking at the role of oxygen in wound healing and the innovations that harness it's power. From the role of neutrophils, to enhancing the delivery of oxygen to ischaemic tissue. Is Oxygen THE answer to all our healing problems? Read a range of articles here