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Whatever the wound, we are here to help you heal. Specialist led clinical support and online learning for Vets, Techs and Nurses across the globe.

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From surgery to dressing selection your membership covers all the help we can give you to get the best outcome for your patient. Helping you heal is what we do.


Our members have access to our specialist confidential telemedicine service, online education and resources. From initial presentation to sign off we support you through your case to help you get the best possible outcome.

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Truly impartial advice on products and technologies from both human and wound care practice. We are not paid to advocate products, we are funded by memberships only. That means we only advise on what is best for your circumstances and the needs of your patient.

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Our members can access our member area to benefit from our free online resources, confidential telemedicine support and specialist webinars. Members also benefit from discounts to our practical CPD/CE events.

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April 2022 - Back to the future

There is a great deal we can learn from history be it methods that are very much out of date, or those that are being rediscovered. Two of our favourite subjects are included: Wound management: How far have we come? The role of Honey: From history to healthcare

May 2022 - Bandaging Techniques

You might be surprised to find that there is a real science to the art of bandaging. Our May webinar shares the principles of 'Laplace's' Law and reveals just how the risk of rubs and sores can accumulate beneath even the best placed bandage.