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recent & upcoming content

April 2021 - Easter Bunnyness

A whole month dedicated to wound management in rabbits. We are delighted to have a range of fantastic speakers covering the most common challenges faced. From Myiasis, to abcsess management and more.

May 2021 - From Lasers to Light-sabers

Join us over the 24th to the 28th May for a range of sessions that will look at the science behind Laser therapy, interactive sessions that will explore current use and case discussion with specialist support. 24/05/2021 - Interpreting Evidence - Dr. Camilla Pegram (RVC/VetCompass). 1 hour. 25/05/2021 - Negative Pressure Wound Therapy - The...

June 2021 - Under the microscope

Our principle session for June 2021 will be available from the 17th June as Dr. Kate Baker DVM, MS, DACVP (Clinical Pathology) brings us "Wounds under the microscope" Dr. Kate has a wealth of knowledge which she shares readily via the HUGELY successful Veterinary Cytology Coffeehouse facebook page. She has more recently set up a...

July 2021 - Burns

Burns. Causes, triage and ongoing management.

August 2021 - A stitch in time

Suturing and wound closure techniques are critical to complication free healing. This month will give you an up to date review of the best products, tips and techniques to help you better close those wounds.

September 2021 - Septic-tember

All things infection control for our September theme.

October 2021 - Exploring Oxygen & Wound Healing

We'll be looking at the role of oxygen in wound healing and the innovations that harness it's power.