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Wound management education, resources and expertise that is dedicated to helping you heal.

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Master the art of wound mangagment with membership of the Vet Wound Library from as little as £9.00 per month


The Vet Wound Library is a dedicated resource informed by the world’s leading surgeons and specialists across small, equine and exotic disciplines. Membership is open to Vets, Techs and Nurses to access education and resources that inform, inspire and improve standards for better wound management.


Membership includes access to our VWL interactive product guide that is designed to help with dressing selection, research and sourcing of products. Search by wound type, product type or brand name to find product information, case studies and evidence for help with selection. Request samples and further information direct from your local distributor.


Brush up on your knowledge or get fully immersed with specialist discussion with over 50 hours of exclusive VWL webinars. From dressing selection, surgical techniques and new technology across the range of species you won’t be lost for inspiration for your next wound challenge.

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recent & upcoming content

October 2022 - Wednesday Wound Club - Episode 3. Holy Molly

This interactive session will explore the progress of a pair of challenging wounds on the neck of two young ponies. Georgie Hollis will host the session with special guest and great friend Emeritus Professor Derek Knottenbelt as we cover the steps involved in immediate management, expectations for wound progression and time frames for resolution.

November 2022 - Wednesday Wound Club - Episode 4. Epic Eric

About This episode covers an extensive laceration in a sight-hound with ProfessorJon Hall joining us to discuss his approach and resolution of a challenging case. We will also pose the question of how dogs can possibly overcome a pair of missing 'Jugulars'! Freaky as it is, this is a Halloween worthy episode! These are two...

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