We are proud to work with companies that bring solutions to our patients.

We are passionate about wound healing and the technologies that evolve to assist the process. We know that among the thousands of products designed for human use there will be many that will also benefit Veterinary patients. We offer a range of sponsorship and communication options to help the right products find the patients that will benefit most.

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Regional Sponsors

Medical Pet Shirts International

MPS is the founder and leading company in covering and protective apparel for pets. Started in 2007 with continuous focus on improving quality and comfort in collaboration with many veterinarians and professionals worldwide.

MPS products are developed in close collaboration with veterinarians and professionals to ensure the best fit and safety for pets. Since 2007, all products are constantly being updated to perfection based on experience and feedback from professionals and owners.

MPS products are patended. Original products are recognized by the MPS logo, one orange colored button and extra unique identifications on the washing label.

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Direct Medical Supplies

Direct Medical Supplies offers a comprehensive range of Critical Care, IV Administration, Surgical and woundcare products to the healthcare and veterinary market.

DMS is committed to offering customers more than your normal supplier, by providing unique products and general everyday requirements for the operating room, intensive care, nursing, woundcare and infection control.

Providing a one source multi product choice that enables customers to manage their consumable supplies in a efficient and cost effective manner.

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Creed Medical

Creed Medical Ltd are UK suppliers of surgical and wound care products to the health care industry.

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The Vet Wound Library Bandaging Angels

The VWL Bandaging Angels are a team of specially trained nurses that deliver training on behalf of the Veterinary Wound Library. The practice based training is tailored to the needs of the team with specific focus on bandaging technique, wound care and dressing selection. Training includes a review of your current dressing or bandaging choices, up to 2 hours with the team and practice membership of the Veterinary Wound Library. 

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KRUUSE are driven by a true passion for animal care and welfare. Our Veterinary customers are our most important partner for whom we offer market leading technologies and innovations to bring best in class products to the market. 

The KRUUSE wound management, bandaging and rehabilitation portfolio have been developed with specialists to bring a a comprehensive range to clinicians to optimise their care. 

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Protexin Veterinary

Protexin Veterinary are dedicated to producing innovative, research based products of the highest quality for dogs, cats and rabbits.

We also know that too much refining of natural elements can reduce their effectiveness. That is why all products that carry the ADM Protexin name are developed under our guiding philosophy: Science and nature in balance.

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Animus Surgical Ltd

Animus Surgical Ltd. 


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B. Braun

B. Braun are providers of a wide range of products that support Veterinary care with an extensive assortment of products for both surgical and traumatic wound closure. 

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