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Past & Future Content Themes

January 2023 - Wednesday Wound Club - Episode 5

Now available to view in the VWL member area! Meet Joanne and Chloe the cat. This is a fantastic example of creativity and biomechanical engineering in action. AND it works!

December 2022 - Equine Wound Management Masterclass

View our latest sponsored webinar courtesy of Kruuse. Georgie Hollis and Patrick Pollock cover the fundamnetals and a range of case studies to highlight the key principles of wound care using the key product groups available. Foams, Hydrogels, Honey and Superabsorbents.

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November 2022 - Wednesday Wound Club - Episode 4. Epic Eric

About This episode covers an extensive laceration in a sight-hound with ProfessorJon Hall joining us to discuss his approach and resolution of a challenging case. We will also pose the question of how dogs can possibly overcome a pair of missing 'Jugulars'! Freaky as it is, this is a Halloween worthy episode! These are two...

October 2022 - Wednesday Wound Club - Episode 3. Holy Molly

This interactive session will explore the progress of a pair of challenging wounds on the neck of two young ponies. Georgie Hollis will host the session with special guest and great friend Emeritus Professor Derek Knottenbelt as we cover the steps involved in immediate management, expectations for wound progression and time frames for resolution.

September 2022 - Wednesday Wound Club - Episode 2 Fire Cat

We present the most heart rending and challenging case that gives an incredible insight into the short and longer term care of a burns patient. Fire Cat was found underneath a car, singed with unkonwn depths and extent of burns. Jenni Gretton, RVN and the team at Pride Veterinary Referrals, Derby UK, took on the...

August 2022 - Wednesday Wound Club - Episode 1 - Dave the Pug

Episode 1 of our Wednesday Wound Club! Run live on the 1st wednesday of the month at 1pm. Join us to learn from a great case and some inspiring people. In each session we will cover: A challenging case - A real case from the Vet Wound Library featuring: Presentation, the clinical challenge, progress and...

July 2022 - Physiology of wound healing

Catch up on the fundamentals of wound healing. The physiology of wound healing should underpin every decision you make in terms of surgical closure, dressing selection and antimicrobial need. You can choose just one webinar covering physiology for a useful revision, or choose further linked webinars in our 'fundamentals' category for greater depth of understanding....

May 2022 - Bandaging Techniques

You might be surprised to find that there is a real science to the art of bandaging. Our May webinar shares the principles of 'Laplace's' Law and reveals just how the risk of rubs and sores can accumulate beneath even the best placed bandage.

April 2022 - Back to the future

There is a great deal we can learn from history be it methods that are very much out of date, or those that are being rediscovered. Two of our favourite subjects are included: Wound management: How far have we come? The role of Honey: From history to healthcare

December 2021 - Hope and Glory

December brings a celebration of some of the cases we've helped over the years and the techniques that have been used to help them. While we can't guarantee a great outcome each time. We do everything we can to help you get the best possible outcome with the resources available. We'll also be awarding our...

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November 2021 - Bandaging and Casting

November is our month to focus on Bandaging and Casting. We host an interactive session that will ask attendees to anonymously vote on a range of questions that will lead discussion around bandaging technique and risk factors for complication. A recording of the session along with a range of reading material will be available after...

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October 2021 - Exploring Oxygen & Wound Healing

We'll be looking at the role of oxygen in wound healing and the innovations that harness it's power. From the role of neutrophils, to enhancing the delivery of oxygen to ischaemic tissue. Is Oxygen THE answer to all our healing problems? Read a range of articles here

September 2021 - Septic-tember

We'll be exploring all things infection control for our September theme. Members have free access to all of our content with support throughout September with a special focus on infection control, reduction of surgical site infection and the factors that lead to complications of this type.

August 2021 - A stitch in time

Suturing and wound closure techniques are critical to complication free healing. We are delighted to have content supported by Ethicon who have sponsored this months subject. Our team spent a fascinating day learning all about their latest technologies on the 11th of August and we'll be bringing you everything we learned through our open discussion...

July 2021 - Burns

This month covers the common causes of burns in animals and their appropriate management. We begin on the 15th of July at 19:30 with an interactive session hosted by Georgie Hollis BSc that will discuss the types of burns seen in practice and approaches to initial management. We focus on recommended management and product selection...