About us

The VWL is a membership based resource that is dedicated to advancing Veterinary wound management through education and information that helps Vets, Techs and Nurses achieve the best outcomes for patients.

Founded by Georgie Hollis BSc the VWL is part of the extensive Mark Allen Healthcare (MAH) portfolio. The VWL alone has a reach of over 25,000 clinicians worldwide with capacity to feature and commission at an internationally recognised, peer reviewed level alongside the MAH portfolio. Through 2022 and 2023, with the support and collaboration of the MAH range of UK-Vet Equine, Livestock, Companion and Veterinary Nurse publications the VWL will become the widest reaching, independent platform dedicated to researching, communicating and inspiring excellence in Veterinary wound management.

All VWL content and resources are specialist led and informed by the latest in healthcare and medical device legislation. Working with internationally recognised equine, small animal, exotic and human healthcare leaders we focus on sharing the latest evidence based techniques that improve healing times and reduce animal suffering. Through our interactive product guide and product focus webinars and peer reviewed publications in association with Mark Allen Healthcare, we are enabling the latest technologies and innovations to reach the animals that will benefit most.

If you would like to know more about the projects and initiatives behind the VWL, how you can work with us, or have a question about membership. Please contact us vetwoundlibrary.markallengroup.com