About us

The VWL is a membership based resource that is dedicated to helping Vets, Techs and Nurses better manage wounds. Our service combines a growing library of educational content covering wound management across small, large and exotic species with confidential specialist support through our telemedicine service.

We are committed to research and development and regularly collaborate with leaders in their fields to ensure we bring you the very latest, evidence based solutions to help you achieve better outcomes for your patients.

How it works:

Each month we work to a theme with sessions scheduled for members to join live with the opportunity to ask questions, join discussion and share experiences. All of our sessions are recorded and made available to members for on demand viewing with subjects ranging from the fundamentals of wound healing & dressing selection, to bandaging techniques and wound reconstruction. We currently have over 50 hours of specialist led content with around 4-5 hours being scheduled each month.

The telemedicine service is provided within our member area where our managed service teams you up with a recognised specialist able to support you from wound presentation to sign off. This service is charged at £45 (+VAT) per case for individual members and is provided FREE of charge with practice membership.