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Past & Future Content Themes

October 2021 - Exploring Oxygen & Wound Healing

We'll be looking at the role of oxygen in wound healing and the innovations that harness it's power. From the role of neutrophils, to enhancing the delivery of oxygen to ischaemic tissue. Is Oxygen THE answer to all our healing problems? Read a range of articles here

September 2021 - Septic-tember

We'll be exploring all things infection control for our September theme. Members have free access to all of our content with support throughout September with a special focus on infection control, reduction of surgical site infection and the factors that lead to complications of this type.

November 2020 - Infection Control

Infection control is one of those subjects that on the surface (excuse the pun!) that we may feel we are well informed about. Particularly in the recent pandemic climate. However, when exploring the preparation of the skin in order to reduce potential surgical site infections it becomes clear that there are many influences that can...