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B Braun Wound Care Survey - Enter to win!

Makers of Prontosan Solution and Gel X (B. Braun) have launched an online survey that will give a unique insight into wound management in practice. The short survey will take only a few minutes to complete and aims to review the most common lavage solutions used in practice and the most common challenges faced when dealing with wounds. Those completing the questionnaire will be able to opt in to recieve more information, to request a sample pack of Prontosan™ for their practice, and will be entered into a prize draw to win a luxury M&S Hamper! ABOUT Prontosan™ solution Contains Polyhexanide (PHMB) & Betaine – which have a synergistic effect. Betaine is an excellent cleansing (detergent) agent with good cutaneous tolerability, which penetrates, disturbs and cleans to aid removal f wound debris and biofilm. PHMB is an antimicrobial which breaks down the bacterial wall and has a wide spectrum of action. Reduction of biofilm Care of local infection in wounds (reducing the need for oral antibiotics) Reduction in the size of the wound, Improvement in the percentage of slough, exudate in the wound and an improvement in the skin around the wound thereby increasing patient quality of life Reduction in dressing changes No toxic effects on new formed tissue – safe to use from Day 1 to final healing Reduction in wound healing time Combine with our wound debridement pad to effectively debride and cleanse the wound bed. Prontosan™ Wound Gel X Slough and biofilm form in a cycle and both can return quickly between dressing changes. Pronotsan Gel X contains the exact same ingredients as the solution but in a Gel. Prontosan Gel X : Maintains a moist wound environment Provides a barrier to help prevent recontamination Reduces slough formation between dressing changes Can be used under most dressings Good for wounds that cannot be dressed or packing into cavities Easily applied by pet owners at home for open wounds

Friday 6th of October 2023