The VWL Healing Heart Award - Recognition for excellence in Veterinary wound care

2021-05-14 11:00:00

The VWL Healing Heart Award has been launched to recognise those who deliver excellence in wound care. 

We accept nominations for Vets, nurses, techs, patients and clients where outstanding outcomes have been achieved. 

We base our decisions upon the outcomes achieved in terms of the ideals of wound management. These ideals ensure patient welfare is prioitised alongside optimal healing results. 

  • A functional, cosmetic repair
  • Relief of pain and distress
  • A rapid return to 'normal' use (This means, the patient must be able to exhibit 'normal' behaviours)
  • At a reasonable cost 

Open to anyone in Veterinary practice who would like to share a case that you feel demonstrates a great outcome that could help others find confidence or improve clinical outcomes.  

Share your case HERE!