Share your case

Share your favourite cases with us.

A great outcome is worth sharing, as are those cases that were more challenging. If you've got a case you'd like us to feature and could help others improve their outcomes we'd love to hear from you.

Every case has its own challenges and it could be that you've found a new way to deal with yours that teaches us all something new.

Each case submitted will become part of the Veterinary Wound Library containing over 600 (offline) cases that make up our evidence base. Every case informs the future for better wound management, for faster, kinder and more effective healing.

*Case images courtesy of Amelia Sherwood RVN, Afon Vets.

We will reward you!

You can upload your cases to the Vet Wound Library and we'll give you credits for membership and CPD/CE if we publish it!

We will reward those cases accepted for publication with 10 VWL healing hearts! 10 healing hearts will equate to 3 month's free membership. Your hearts will be awarded on acceptance of your case and can be used against your VWL membership renewal and can also be used as credit against VWL led CPD/CE.

If we REALLY LOVE your case we'll want to share it more widely and we'll give you 10 bonus hearts when we do with the very best getting a 'Healing Heart' badge of honour!

Share your case