Animus Surgical Launches Membra™ Hydrogel Wound Sealant.

2023-03-01 18:00:00

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Animus Surgical has launched a new hydrogel wound sealant Membra™ which will offer a new way to manage open wounds and protect suture sites in a wide range of species. 

Membra™ is a novel, transparent, non-toxic, biodegradable hydrogel membrane that is applied to the patient in a liquid form that sets to a 'solid' flexible gel that provides up to 14 days wound coverage. 

Its unique presentation not only creates a water resistant membrane over the wound that is non-cytotoxic and helps to maintain an optimal moist environment for healing. Because Membra™ requires no secondary dressing or bandage it can avoid the costs associated with repeated dressing changes . This offers clinicians a solution for patients that are difficult to bandage, where the cost of bandaging and repeat visits are of a concern for clients, or for patients that would be stressed by regular handling such as nervous pets, wildlife and exotic species. 

Georgie Hollis, VWL Founder and wound technology enthusiast said:

"Membra™ is a really interesting concept at a reasonable price. It seems to be ideally suited to those wounds that are close to healing but not yet ready to discharge from care. We see a lot of cases through the VWL where a bandage is no longer required, or is proving more detrimental than beneficial at a stage where the wound is nearly healed. I can see a real benefit in this kind of product being applied for those cases so that the patient still benefits from wound protection with a long weartime to minimise the need for visits.  

Nick Butcher, Veterinary Surgeon and Owner of Animus Surgical in the UK said:

“Regular bandaging of open wounds can be costly, time consuming and stressful for owners and their pets, requiring frequent visits to the practice.  The bandaging of some open wounds can be impossible because of the location of the lesion or the affected species (e.g. exotic or aquatic animals) and more aggressive or nervous patients may require sedation. Used bandages also add to the volume of clinical waste generated by the practice which requires incineration,”

Easy to use:

Membra™ is presented in a sterile foil pack containing two syringes containing the 'ready to mix' hydrogel components as well as the brush on applicator.

The initial liquid phase of Membra™ allows it to cover open and irregular spaces as well as suture lines setting in minutes to form a barrier that protects and covers the incision site or wound.

Water resistant: 

Membra™ is water resistant and can be used across a wide range of species with each pack containing enough hydrogel to cover around 10-15cm2 lasting up to 14 days.

There are no known species exemptions for use so Membra™. It can be used on horses, companion animals, wildlife and even aquatic animals.

Naturally biodegradable:

Naturally biodegradable over time it avoids the need for bandaging and frequent visits for bandage change.

Membra™ acts as a barrier to contamination to help lower the potential risk of wound infection or dehiscence. Being transparent, it also enables the wound to be visualised by the veterinary team and pet owners allowing for early intervention should there be any signs of complication. 

Research based: 

Research has been published demonstrating that the Hydrogel polymer technology was a successfully alternative to standard adhesive dressings to protect suture lines following major TPLO surgery. The study concluded that the polymer was not associated with any increase in healing complications after TPLO surgery while lasting up to 14 days, rather than 24-48 hours with traditional dressings1.

Already popular and successful in the USA, Membra™is now proudly supplied for UK Vets to use through Animus Surgical Ltd.

To find out how to apply Membra™ visit  a range of YouTube videos are available showing a selection of case examples:  For further information about Membra, please visit or call Animus Surgical on 01252 845988


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