MicroLyte Evaluation - enrol here!

2021-09-07 11:00:00

We featured a novel new product in our Burns month called MicroLyte Vet. Created by Imbed Biosciences it's Veterinary application is creating interest internationally.

William Merrick, heads up the Veterinary business unit and offers an engaging introduction to the product and it's applications to date through a range of content on the MicroLyte Website. 

If you've watched the videos and would like to get involved in a wider evaluation of the product you can enrol here! 

The evaluations will make up a case series intended to help inform others of practical applications while gaining important feedback for product development and refinement.

The product is not experimental and already available for Veterinary use meeting FDA and VMD standards. If you would like to arrange a product presentation for your team, or have a case that you think may be a candidate for product evaluation then please contact William directly on: WMerrick@imbedbio.com

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