New Practical Wound Management Online Course

2021-06-10 11:00:00

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How can an online course be practical? Because you'll learn lots of tips that you can put into practice! 

Georgie Hollis, Vet Wound Library Founder will host 4 sessions that cover the fundamentals of wound dressing selection and bandaging science.

These will be made up of 2 lectures, followed by 2 interactive sessions that give delegates a chance to discuss dressing types, ask questions and share tips.

Subjects covered in the course include:  

  • Physiology of wound healing
  • Wound dressings - what you need to know
    • Post op wound dressings 
    • Moist wound healing
    • Antimicrobial wound dressings
    • Matrix modulating dressings
  • Bandaging techniques
    • The science behind complications
    • Use of layers 
    • Bandaging v immobilisation
    • Offloading and 'do-nuts'
    • Tie over dressings
    • Top to tail challenges

CPD Certificates will be provided to cover 5 hours of online learning. 

Notes and resources will be available for download and will include a generic dressing selection guide & problem wound 'troubleshooter' checklist. 

You can register to join us HERE