A stitch in time

August 2021


Suturing and wound closure techniques are critical to complication free healing. 

We are delighted to have content supported by Ethicon who have sponsored this months subject. Our team spent a fascinating day learning all about their latest technologies on the 11th of August and we'll be bringing you everything we learned through our open discussion session on the 26th of August at 19:30. 


You can join our discussion, raise any questions or concerns about the choice of suture materials made in your practice. Our sessions are informal and friendly and a safe place to ask the simplest of questions, to discuss any challenges you face for any aspects of wound management.  

Does everyone use the same? 

Do you find you have complications with some products more than others? 

Are you a little in the dark about which types you should use when? 

Join us for our interactive, 'Open Mic' night on the last Thursday of the month (August 26th) at 19:30. Tell us what works for you and why and if you have pet hates tell us. We'd love to know!