Wednesday Wound Club - Episode 2 Fire Cat

September 2022


We present the most heart rending and challenging case that gives an incredible insight into the short and longer term care of a burns patient. 

Fire Cat was found underneath a car, singed with unkonwn depths and extent of burns. Jenni Gretton, RVN and the team at Pride Veterinary Referrals, Derby UK, took on the challenge and gave him a chance to heal despite him having no fixed abode at the time. 

Jenni went on to adopt Fire Cat and cared for him as his wounds healed. The most important part of this case relates to the longer term issues associated with burns that affected the function of Fire Cat's eyes. He required corrective surgery to give a quality of life and a functional repair. 

In discussion covering this case we highlight initial management of burns, pain relief, dressing selection, Flamazine as a topical cream for burn management and the incredible physiological defiance that Fire Cat demonstrates in terms of outcome. 

This case raises as many questions as answers and which we really appreciate. This gives us plenty to get our teeth into for our members to find some evidence based direction for future cases. 

Thank you Fire Cat. You inspired us.