Wednesday Wound Club - Episode 5

2023-01-10 12:00:00

Episode 5 features the lovely Joanna and Chloe the cat. 

Chloe was an elderly, and somewhat chubby cat with excessive flexion of her left hind limb. Her gait was abormal meaning that she developed a pressure sore just below her hock which was non-healing. 

Joanne got involved in the case a few months into care and sought advice to help resolve the wound from Georgie Hollis, VWL Founder. Joanne was introduced to some new techniques using materials that enabled her to make a removable splint to help reduce the flexion and offload the hock. 

. Chloe the cat

This session is around 30 minutes long and is a great example of creativity in action and a great outcome after ongoing review and adaptation of ideas. 

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